The death of Jane Grey

The death of Lady Jane Grey, Mary’s cousin.

File:Paul Delaroche - The Execution of Lady Jane Grey.jpg

The first point to be observed is that Jane, was a fervent protestant and would become a strong figure to fight for. Also, she was the grand-daughter of Duchess Mary Tudor, queen Mary I’s paternal aunt thus, possessed a claim to the throne, weaker than Mary, still a claim.

The second point is that Jane Grey’s father was involved in the Wyatt’s rebel, supporting the rebels. This act, selead Jane’s fate forever.

A third point, and one i find the most important, is that Mary, as the first woman to be a ruler queen of England, faced many trials, those who would for sure be used as example by her sister, Elizabeth, in her days.
Mary should show to them, strengh as a ruler. Mary I, very reluctant, accepted to execute her younger cousin, Jane Grey. Its good to remember that Mary was urged by her council to act like “ a queen and leave the kindness way”

As said before, Mary didn’t want to have Jane executed. Soon after she was proclaimed queen, her cousin, the emperor urged her to have Jane and her husband executed, but Mary and a merciful queen, responded:
“could not be induced to consent that she should die” and “my conscience,”
Mary declared to the ambassador, “will not permit me to have her put to death.”

 Unfortunately, for Jane things went wrong. A sole victim men politics? A girl who really believed she should be queen to save England’s protestantism? We maybe will never know, but it’s great to keep speculating. 


Mary Tudor, Anne Whitelock.



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Uma resposta to “The death of Jane Grey”

  1. Mary was called Bloody Mary after his death, during the reign of Elizabeth. I think that is a victim of propaganda. Her reign is portrayed as a dark, bloody and terrible. But it really was not like that. It is better to get to know her life to find out that Mary was a good, humble woman who loved beautiful dresses, hazart, masquerades and balls.She played instruments and danced beautifully. When she was young she was a beautiful woman. Stress, pain and sadness caused that later looked old.It Protestants described her reign as the persecution of Protestants and burning them at the stake. However, during the reign of Maria burning at the stake is not aroused such loathing.I’m sorry that my English is bad 🙂

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