The relationship between Queen Jane Seymour and Princess Mary

The “new” Beggining in the new queen.

The June 22 of 1536 was, for sure, the worst day of Mary’s life.
She signed to oath, submitted to her father’s will and wishes.

Mary & Henry in her return to court in The Tudors

Sarah Bolger as Princess Mary Tudor and Jonathan Rhys Meyers as king Henry VIII in the series " the tudors"

Mary was broken inside because she gone against her consciousness, her mother’s memory and of what she grew up knowing about herself. Henry, on the other hand rejoiced of his elder daughter’s submission and to show his “kindness” sent her a new wardrobe and a few more servents .

The princess had a very good allied in her return to court. Her name was Jane Seymour and she was the new Queen of England.
according to Antonia Fraser:

The treatment that she(Jane) gave to Mary was very sensible…”

Henry and his new Queen, Jane Seymour went to see her, secretaly 3 weeks later the princess’s submission.
Jane Seymour gave Mary a diamond ring and Henry 1,000 crowns . They spent one night and Henry did promise, when he was departing that she would be brought to court to take her place immediately after the queen.

It’s easy to understand why Jane help Mary, she have empathy for the conservative faction, she was catholic Just like Catherine and Mary. Her duty was to confort the princess and maybe, help her return to the sucession.

The happy family spent the chrstimas together, they rode from westminster through the city of London to Greenwich.

Queen Jane Seymour

Was Jane just being a docile mother to the princess or Jane, being a catholic, a member of the conservative faction orchestrating a reconciliation between England and Rome?

When Prince Edward Tudor was born, Mary  was choosen his godmother by the orders of Queen Jane, Who soon died leaving the world, the king, the Prince and her beloved step daughter.

Mary was terrible sad and the first obsequies she didn’t take part, but at the end she serve as chied mourner .

Jane left jewels, perfume and other several things to her stepdaughters, especially For Mary.
Jane Seymour: Politically interested or Just a kind woman, Mary was motherless, once more.

Sources: Anna Whitelock- Princess, Bastard and Queen
Antonia Fraser: Six wives of Henry VIII


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